How it works

Step 1: Consultation

Consultations typically include a 1-2 hour walk through inside and out (time obviously depends on the size of the property/unit as well as other factors). Afterward, we will discuss a proposal and possible services that may be of benefit to you. We will also provide a detailed list of recommendations.

Step 2 - "Check list”

As stated, you will receive a detailed list of all work that needs to be done. This list may include cleaning, painting, junk removal, organizing, lighting updates/modifications, repairing leaky faucets in kitchens, bathrooms, etc., renovations, as well as item additions such as candles or flowers. With this, you increase the positive moments of your home and show well-maintained home with great design.

Step 3 - Agreement signing

We will provide a Home Sale Staging agreement, which will schedule when and detail what we will bring to your home for staging. If your home requires any cleaning, painting, junk removal, organizing, lighting updates or light renovation, this should be completed before the staging date and will be included in the Agreement with all other services. Also, should you require the movement or removal of any furniture items before the approved staging date, we can provide this service for you and include it in the Agreement.

Step 4 - Staging and other services

Before your staging day, we will finish all other services such as renovations or others as mentioned above that were approved in the Quote and in the Agreement. Please note your home should be cleaned before staging. You can use your furniture if you wish or we can provide our own for the day. Upon arrival, our team of experts will have your home completely staged and ready within one day. We can even provide you with photos and video after staging completion for your convenience.

Step 5 – Sell your home!

After a successful staging, your home will be ready to sell. Pack your things!

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