Lawn & Landscape Services

Lawn & Landscape Services
Lawn & Landscape Services, landscape design

Lawn & Landscape Services

All exterior space should look positive through the eyes of the buyer. Clean and well-cut yards look attractive and will increase the value of your property because landscaping is an important investment for your home. We will trim trees, bushes, and cut the grass. We can also clean your deck and walkways with a pressure washer. We can even perform maintenance service for your lawn and irrigation system that will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. We can create a personalized landscape design that fits your style.

The ever-changing weather in the Simcoe County, Near North Region and GTA doesn’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors, specifically our backyards. From gardening to entertaining guests and family, the backyard continues to evolve. In the past, we have treated our backyards as separate from the home. But as more and more people continue to invest in their homes, the backyard has become an extension of your home. A long-standing feature in backyards has been the pergola. Traditionally a wooden, static structure, it offers some protection from the elements, while also adding an aesthetic touch to your outdoor living space. Unfortunately, these structures do not allow you to adapt to the weather. Our team at is proud to offer our clients a new product in the Simcoe County, Near North Region and GTA!

The Aluminum louvered pergola will change the way you utilize your outdoor space. Enjoy all hours of the day with a system that easily adapts to ever-changing weather. Create a multi-functional space with our unique louver system. Control ambient temperature. Control sunlight intensity by adjusting the louvers to your comfort level.

Protect yourself from inclement weather by closing the louvers completely to create a watertight ceiling. Our aluminum louvered pergola system offers you the adaptability to extend the use of your outdoor space through multiple seasons and weather conditions.

Our unique design also allows for add-ons such as heaters, lighting, privacy shades, insect mesh, and outdoor audio visual integrations. Because of its construction, all element sensitive components are run through the structure providing protection and maintaining a clean finished aesthetic. No need to worry about inclement Rain drains through a trough system that is built into the structure and exits via out spouts that are installed, directing the water away from you and your guests. Our louvers allow you to adjust the amount of light you are exposed to. When the louvers are completely closed they create a watertight ceiling that will keep you and your guests dry during inclement weather.

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